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Dave Sim Q & A's

Apart from Neil Gaiman and Todd Klein (both of whom use the internet and email) Dave Sim must be one of the few comic book creators who replies to mail from fans so promptly. And he uses good old fashioned snail mail.

Recently I asked him a few questions about Cerebus. My letter was posted 21 April and his reply was sent 16 May

Q: Why did you change Cerebus from having two seperate eyes to one eye with two pupils?

A: The one large eye with two eyeballs just "looked right" to me. I don't know why. It was certainly easier to put tone on without having to get it onto a little peninsula of grey between two eyeballs. Maybe that was it.

Q: [can be guessed from the answer which is]:

A: Yes. Cerebus getting his ear chopped off was supposed to remind you of Van Gogh. If you make that error as a member of society it's not long before the women come gunning for ears (metaphorically speaking).

Q: Do you have a favourite among the 16 phonebooks?

A: No, no favourites among the phonebooks. I'm pleased and grateful that they're all able to provide me with a livelihood.

Q: [can also be guessed from the answer]

A: No I didn't get the title Mothers & Daughters from Turgenev's Fathers & Sons

Q: Why 300 issues?

A: I didn't want to do Cerebus too long so that I was no longer competent to do it. Had I known how difficult it would be to draw a monthly comic in my forties, I would've cut it off around issue 200.

And his first name (on his birth certificate) is David rather than Dave. Just idle curiosity on my part about that one.


Rachel Pollack who has written several books about the Tarot and whose The Kabbalah Tree book had a whole section devoted to Alan Moore's Promethea has her own website
Aside from Michael Moorcock she is another well known person to have signed the Absolute Promethea petition.

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